Dakota Territory Riders

Dakota Territory Riders is a group of motorcycle riders who have quite simply fallen in love with the Dakota Territory region – North and South Dakota, and parts of Montana and Wyoming. Our passion for motorcycles, the stunning beauty of this region and love for the history of the old west has brought us together from all over the nation.

  What DTR is NOT is a motorcycle club (MC) or 1%-er club. We are brothers and sisters who have found each other because something keeps drawing us back to this area. Not a day passes where we aren’t here in our minds. And when we do convene, it’s one hell of a party!


Dakota Territory was the name of the northernmost part of the Louisiana Purchase of the United States from 1861 to 1889. It became an historic, organized territory on March 2, 1861. Upon creation, the territory of Dakota Territory included much of present-day Montana and Wyoming; by 1868, creation of new territories reduced Dakota Territory to the present boundaries of the Dakotas.

“Dakota Territory Riders” is in reference to those who ride in and about this historic geographical location.”